KBR Poland

KBR POLAND has been operating on the European market since 1994 as a large-scale enterprise specialised in comprehensive maintenance services, installations and start-ups, fabrication of equipment and rendering of speciality industrial services. The dominant value that forms the basis for our operations, both fabrication and services, is the safety of our employees and protection of the natural environment. ‘Zero Harm’ is our motto and our goal.





1,2 mln+

hours annually


From individual technologies and services to comprehensive project delivery and mission execution, no other company can match the breadth and depth of solutions from KBR. Our complete, turnkey, EPC solutions provide significant value to our clients, allowing them to focus on their objectives and trust us with the details and delivery. Whatever the need, you can be sure that KBR has a solution that can benefit your organisation.


KBR is proud to work with its clients across the globe to provide technology, valueadded services, integrated EPC delivery and long-term operations and maintenance services to ensure consistent delivery with predictable results.

About KBR

At KBR, we partner with government and industry clients to provide purposeful and comprehensive solutions with an emphasis on efficiency and safety. With a full portfolio of services, proprietary technologies and expertise, our more than 37,500 employees are ready to handle projects and missions throughout their entire lifecycle, from planning and design to sustainability and maintenance. Whether at the bottom of the ocean or in outer space, our clients trust us to deliver the impossible on a daily basis.




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