We offer testing of structures, devices, systems, machine components and new machines to find flaws in their components and eliminate them. We carry out tests during the fabrication of structures, in-process tests, acceptance (final) tests and tests on structures in use to detect cracks, delamination and corrosive loss of thickness

Types of tests:
  • VT – Visual Testing
  • PT – Dye Penetrant testing
  • MT – Magnetic-Particle Testing
  • RT – Radiographic Testing
  • UTT – Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  • UT – Ultrasonic Testing
  • UT (PA) – Phased Array Testing
  • Geodetic measurements – 0.5’ tolerance
  • Metrological measurements of machine components

Testing and measuring equipment:

Instrument: Type of test: Manufacturer:
X-ray lamp Eresco 200 X-ray Krautkramer
X-ray lamp YCM 225 X-ray  ICM
Defectoscope OMNI-SCAN UT  Olympus
Defectoscope Phasor UT Krautkramer
Defectoscope USM 35 UT Krautkramer
Thickness gauge DMS GO Thickness measurement Krautkramer
Hardness tester MIC10 Hardness measurement Krautkramer
Videoendoscope VT Olympus
Defectoscope MPT MR Chemie
Leica tachymeter Geodetic measurement Leica