We repair industrial machinery and equipment:

  • Disassembly and verification of the technical condition of a device
  • Renovation / reconditioning of worn out parts
  • Purchase and replacement of commercially available spare parts
  • Corrosion protection (painting)
  • Start-up and test runs
  • Shipping to the client

We repair the following equipment:

  • Crushers / shredders
  • Refiners
  • Feeders and dampers
  • Screw conveyors
  • Vacuum pumps

We specialise in the reconditioning of worn out or damaged machine parts and we use the following processes:

  1. Hardfacing:
    • Hardfacing of detects in shaft journals, bushes and overhead crane wheels carried out in positioners
    • Hardfacing of coats resistant to abrasion, corrosion and erosion
    • Welding of cracked bodies
    • Hardfacing of high hardness layers with cobalt-based materials (Stellite-6)
  2. Flame spraying with RotoTec powders by Castolin Eutectic:
    • Coating with metallic powders of ferritic / martensitic steel: spots for shaft bearings, spots for bushing seals
    • Coating with austenitic steel powders resistant to abrasion and corrosion
    • Coating of sliding guides with copper-tin powders
  3. Application of composite coatings by Belzona.