We provide installation, maintenance and servicing of refrigeration equipment, air conditioning equipment and heat pumps according to the Polish Office of Technical Inspection’s (UDT) F-gas certificate.

We participate in the Prozon Foundation’s Climate Protection programme aimed at managing recovered refrigerants.

Scope of work:

  • Standard maintenance inspections – maintenance of all types of equipment
  • Warranty inspections
  • Comprehensive installation of equipment
  • Repairs and diagnostics of equipment damage, including the selection and replacement of damaged compressors; the course of the repair is documented in the equipment repair sheet
  • Recovery and replacement of controlled refrigerants – dropin system (replacement of the refrigerant only) and retrofit (replacement of the refrigerant and select components of the system); all the activities are done with a freon recovery station
  • Keeping a record of equipment containing substances controlled by the Central Register of Operators (CRO) based on the personal F-gas certificates
  • Modernisation and installation of control systems for ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as heat exchangers


  • Personal UDT F-gas certificates qualifying for leakage tests and maintenance of systems as well as repair and removal of stationary refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and heat pumps
  • Sauter certificate for programming controllers based on NovaNet technology
  • Fuji Electric certificate for installing and servicing air conditioning devices
  • Haier certificate for installing and servicing air conditioning devices
  • Panasonic certificate for the selection, installation, commissioning and diagnostics of air conditioners in the RAC and PACi groups
  • Gas brazing of copper components of refrigeration systems

Specialist equipment:

  • Rothenberger Rorec Pro Digital refrigerant recovery device (all types of refrigerants including R32)
  • ROTHENBERGER ROCOOL 600 digital manifold
  • Rothenberger Roleak Plus electronic leak detection devices
  • UV tightness testing kits
  • Optibelt TT digital tension tester for V-belts
  • Brazing kits
  • Hytherographs, thermal anemometers, neutralisation testers, high-pressure washers, steam washers
  • Bending machines, flaring tools and expanding tools for copper air conditioning tubes

Maintenance documentation:

  • Maintenance work report – list of activities
  • Warranty work report – as per the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Repair report – a detailed list of repair activities with a list of the spare parts used and the results of measuring crucial work parameters
  • Refrigerant recovery report
  • First start-up report
  • Equipment sheet in the Central Register of Operators (CRO) – maintenance and repair history as well as law-required leakage tests of the controlled equipment