We offer comprehensive services including maintenance, diagnostics, inspections and removal of faults in power hydraulics systems, oil lubrication systems and grease lubrication systems.
Our Power Hydraulics Service constructs and installs new hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems.

Scope of services:

  • Modernisation and construction of new hydraulic, lubrication and pneumatic systems as per our own documentation or the documentation provided by the client
  • Installation of power hydraulics, lubrication and pneumatic pipelines:
    • with couplings as per DIN 2353 (ISO 8434-1) using cutting rings, weld fittings, tubes formed with ERMETO EO2 FORM or WALTERSCHEID WALFORM
    • with couplings as per SAE J 514 (ISO 8434-2)
    • with welded flanges as per SAE J518
    • Replacement of hydraulic parts (pumps, actuators, motors, distributors, valves, hydraulic accumulators), start-up, completion of the required adjustments and settings as per the Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Diagnostics:
    • diagnostics of hydraulic systems with the use of our own or the system’s sensors or transducers
    • testing of pumps, actuators and hydraulic motors in situ (without uninstalling them)
    • Manufacturing of hydraulic and industrial hoses up to 2” in diameter
    • Repair, reconditioning and manufacturing of new hydraulic actuators of all types and sizes; supply and replacement of sealing
    • Inspection and replenishing of nitrogen in hydraulic accumulators, inspection and tests as per the requirements of the Polish Office of Technical Inspection (UDT)
  • Oil maintenance:
    • emptying, filtering and filling up systems
    • determining the oil purity class
    • determining the content of water in oil
    • comprehensive cleaning of hydraulic systems
    • Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers

Diagnostic equipment:

  • HMG-3000 measuring and diagnostic instrument with sensors allowing for measuring and recording rotational speed, system pressure, flow, oil purity class and water content in oil
  • Non-mandrel benders for bending tubes up to 2” in diameter
  • Equipment for pre-assembling cutting rings as per DIN 2352
  • Crimping machines for hydraulic hoses up to 2”
  • Equipment for cleaning tubes and hoses with special plugs
  • Oil filtration units capable of continuous evaluation of the oil purity class
  • Sets for inspecting and replenishing hydraulic accumulators
  • A station for carrying out pressure tests in power hydraulics parts


Our company puts particular emphasis on the continuous development of our employees’ skills.
Our mechanics regularly raise their qualifications and are currently certified by the following companies:

  • PALL

Repair documentation for the client:

  • Reports on the completed diagnostic tests with the data obtained by the diagnostic equipment presented in charts and tables, including conclusions and recommendations
  • Reports on the carried out maintenance work with a list of the tasks completed, conclusions and recommendations
  • Reports on the carried out repairs specifying the scope of the repair, with a list of the replaced spare parts and measurement results for parameters typical of a given type of part
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals for systems constructed as per our own documentation